EazePay – Statutory Compliances

Never Miss a Submission Deadline

Rest easy with the assurance that all the statutory compliances related to Labour Laws, Gratuity Act, Bonus Act, Minimum Wages Act, Factories Act and other related acts are managed automatically by EazePay.

Every month, every quarter, every six months and at the end of every year, there are submission deadlines for various statutory regulations which take days of your employee’s productive time. Now you don’t have to track the changes in any regulations and don’t have to depend upon an external consultant for it.

EazePay helps the Payroll Manager as

  • Income Tax, EPF, ESI, EDLI, Gratuity, Labor Welfare Fund, Bonus, Professional Tax etc all calculations are managed through the software
  • Any changes in Government regulations are implemented as soon as the law is passed
  • Alerts and reports are made available to ensure that Payroll Manager is aware of the payments to be made with clear indication of deadlines.