System Availability


We commit a 99.9% assured uptime and have been delivering on our promise for the last 12 years.

Data Archival

EazeWork provides access to all data except Attendance data which is archived. At any point of time attendance data for 6 quarters is visible in the application.


Production data is stored in two locations. At the primary location, a daily backup is taken and kept for 7 days. At the secondary location, a snapshot of the primary location data is taken and updated every hour.

Disaster Recovery

Processes are in place to bring up the secondary location within 2 hours in case of a disaster or unavailability of systems for more than 30 minutes at the primary location.

Data Security


The communication between the user machine and EazeWork servers is encrypted using an SSL 256-bit encryption provided by Comodo PositiveSSL wildcard.


Personally identifiable information (PII) like name, email ID, phone number, family details, address, etc. are encrypted and stored so that even in case of unauthorized access this information cannot be read. Other transactional data is not encrypted but is separated using a system-generated key which renders it irrelevant if accessed in isolation. Documents/photos are stored in folders with encrypted paths which cannot be accessed from anywhere except from inside the application by authorized persons.

Data Deletion

Company’s data in case of cancellation or termination of an Account is deleted automatically within 30 days after the Account is canceled on the Company’s request or is terminated due to non-payment or for violation of any terms of our policy.


Security audits like intrusion detection, ethical hacking, and code review are carried out by our team and we also engage third parties to ensure that the infrastructure and software are secure.

Access Control

Role based

Access to data within the organization is tightly controlled based on the roles and policies which can be designed and implemented by the Application Administrator.

Work flow / Reports

Workflows and access to reports can be configured dynamically based on your company's requirements ensuring that data is visible only to authorized persons.

Process logs

When a form moves through a workflow the status changes are stored with the form,. Tthrough this the usage logs are available at a process level indefinitely. Session logs are kept for 30 days.

Session management

Unattended sessions can be timed out, password policies can be set. Employees can review and close their parallel sessions.