Save your EazeWork subscription cost

Get Amazon Voucher for INR 1000, help your company get significant savings in your EazeWork subscription cost and help your business partners / friends get a discount on EazeWork.

  • 1. Refer EazeWork in your network.
  • 2. The moment your referral signs up and starts using EazeWork HRMS, they will get a joining bonus of INR 2000 in their wallet.
  • 3. When your referral signs up for a Paid Account
    - you will get an Amazon Pay eGift card of INR 1000 valid for one year, it will be emailed to your registered Email ID
    - your company will get referral bonus equal to 15% of first year’s subscription payment made by your referred company. This amount will be automatically adjusted against the future invoices

Frequently asked questions

  • 1. Where is my referral link?
    Once you login you will see the on the left hand. You can click on it to see your referral link.
  • 2. Is there a limit to the referral bonus I can earn?
    No, there are no limits to the amount of referral bonus you can earn.
  • 3. Please explain in detail the bonus and vouchers which we will get?
    There are three benefits
    • a) Your referred customer will get a joining bonus of INR 2000 credit in their EazeWork account if they are a qualified signup
    • b) You will get an Amazon Pay eGift Card for INR 1000 on your registered email when your referred customer signs up as Paid customer and if it is a qualified sale.
    • c) Every time your referred customer makes a subscription payment your company will receive 15% of the subscription amount as referral bonus, provided the customer stays with EazeWork for 90 days after making the payment. This bonus will accrue for the first 12 month’s of subscription payouts based on the users added in that period. For example, if a customer starts making six monthly payments from July 2023, the referral bonus will be earned on the subscription amount from July 23 to June 24 which is billed in the July 23 and January 24 invoices. Any licenses added or removed after January 24 will not be included in the payout calculation.
  • 4. What is a qualified signup?
    Only companies with a business email can signup for EazeWork services. If you refer a potential customer who uses google or hotmail or any such free emails then they will not be able to signup.
  • 5. What is a qualified sale?
    Qualified sale has to meet the following criteria -
    • - The referred customer is not an existing customer of EazeWork
    • - The referred customer has not been added by any business partner
    • - The referred customer becomes a paying customer within 60 day of signing up
    • - The referred customer remains a paying customer after 90 days after making their payment
  • 6. Will my company get rewarded if my referred customer adds more employees or more modules?
    Yes. Your company will be rewarded based on the overall subscription fees paid by the customer. It will include the additional modules and employees added (if any).
  • 7. Will the referral bonus be paid to me during the customer’s lifecycle?
    No. The referral bonus will be paid to you only for the first 12 months. First month is counted from when he starts as a Paid customer, trial / free period is excluded.
  • 8. Does the referral bonus expire?
    Referral bonus will expire after 365 days from the date they are credited if not used. Bonus amount credited will be used sequentially in outstanding invoices.
  • 9. Where do I see the details of my referral bonus payouts and adjustments?
    You can see details of the Amazon Voucher on your account page. You company’s Application Administrator can see the details of your referred customers, referral bonus paid and settlement / expiry of accrues referral bonus on the Manage Account > Subscription page