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In India payroll processing can become a nightmare with state specific rules, various types of statutory deductions and filings which need to be complied with. EazePay is designed to provide flexibility, modularity and a robust backbone of payroll processing, it also manages the conflicting objectives of giving employees flexibility in chosing their salary structure at the same time.


Salary Design

Well designed salary structures help in optimizing the take home for an employee and also control the total outlay from a company's perspective. Features which are supported are -

  • Design the salary on the basis of Gross Salary or Cost to Company
  • Input variable salary information on heads like bonus, overtime, allowances which change every month in each payroll cycle
  • Create custom heads for adhoc payments or deductions and use them for paying or deducting from salary on an adhoc basis
  • Loans and advances can be modelled and automatically recovered from salary based on the monthly deduction agreed with the employee

Salary Reimbursements

Certain expenses which are incurred on account of official work and also reimbursement of heads like Medical, Car, Driver, Leave Travel Allowance are paid to employees on submission of receipts and are subject to tax rules. EazePay covers all such heads as detailed below -

  •  Medical expense
  •  Leave Travel Allowance
  •  Perquisite value of Car, Driver, House, Furniture
  •  Other reimbursements like Fuel, Telephone

These reimbursement are claimed by employees and paid by Accounts after verification of supportings. If reimbursements are not claimed then they are paid after deduction of tax.


Perquisite Rules

There are certain allowances which attract a perquisite tax if given to the employee. EazePay has the option of adding these allowances and the perquisite value is automatically added to the overall taxable salary. Heads which are available under this are -

  •  All loans which are given at less than SBI interest rates
  •  Office Small Car for mixed use paid by Employer
  •  Office Small Car Driver for mixed use paid by Employer
  •  Office Big Car paid for mixed use paid by Employer
  •  Office Big Car Driver for mixed use paid by Employer
  •  Employee Car only for Official use
  •  Company leased accomodation unfurnished - Big city

Statutory Compliances

The following statutory compliances are managed in EazePay's India Payroll

  •  PF, EPS, EDLI deductions
  •  ESI deductions
  •  Labour Welfare Fund deductions
  •  Professional Tax deductions
  •  Leave Travel Allowance as per Government rules
  •  Medical expenses
  •  All savings under section 80C, 80CCC, 80CCD, 80CCF, 80D, 80DD, 80DDB, 80E, 80G, 80U, Section 24, 10(13)

EazePay Pricing

Pricing of EazePay depends upon the country and the number of licenses which are taken. Minimum number of users for this application is 20.

Number of users:    Currency:



(Billed semi-annually)

See Modules



(Billed semi-annually)

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(Billed semi-annually)

See Modules

EazePay Advantages

EazePay is designed in modular manner thus you can take only the processes.


Unmatched Flexibility and ease of use

EazePay is designed in modular manner thus you can take only the processes / modules you need and pay only for them. You can add modules as your organization's requirements grow. Unlike earlier enterprise applications like Peoplesoft you can take EazePay on a subscription model.

EazePay scales up from 5 to 50,000 users allowing grouping of employees, multiple payroll managers, setup salary structure by group, creating new categories and salary heads and managing the reporting needs of a company of any size.


Reduction in Effort and Processing Time

EazePay provides the employees, Accounts, HR and Payroll team a unified platform. Processes like savings declaration, nomination forms, modifications in salary structure, arrears processign are all managed seamlessly with appropriate levels of approvals.

Since the application works through the internet, companies with offices in multiple locations benefit a lot through automation and traceability, the end result is greater transparency and reduced processing time. EazePay is designed around employees and ensures that most of their requirements are met through self service.


Greater Control and Auditability

All submissions and approvals are tracked, it is clearly identifiable in case of salary increments, structure revisions and payout of variable components. Also the system ensures that all compliances are met by default thus givig business owners significant relief.


Auditable Records

Data captured through EazePay helps in maintaining records which can be audited. Leave, Advances, Expense reimbursement, Asset ownership all need to be tracked and monitored for audit purposes.


Role based Access Control

Data is tightly controlled and access is given as per the organization hierarchy, only the Payroll Managers can see the salary details of employees and all other upline managers are only given access to summary records on a need to know basis.

Payroll Service Providers

Extend Your Portfolio of Services. Become a EazeWork Partner and a Payroll Service Provider.


If your company is providing accounting or labor and compliances services or other HR centric solutions to your clients / customers you can extend into Payroll processing services also. You can use EazePay to provide outsourced payroll services to your customers. You will not have to buy any hardware or software and can take EazePay either as a whitelabelled solution or as a payroll processing platofrm.

You can also refer to Partner page for more details on various types of partnerships available.

Please contact our sales team at for more details.

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Amitav Chaudhuri

Excellent products backed by professional delivery and desire to succeed. Wish EazeWork all the best.

- Amitav Chaudhuri - Director Time Tooth
Prashant Thakur

With the right blend of software expertise and domain knowledge EazeWork has been able to meet our diverse requirements and help us in automating our business processes.

- Prashant Thakur - Head HR Shared Services MARA-ISON
Venkat Nott

EazeWork has helped us bring all processes from Recruitment to Separtion for multiple group companies across India, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia, Managing multiple locations and multiple companies has been achieved fairly smoothly. EazeWork surprised us with flexibility and scalability in their solution to provide required features.

- Venkat Nott - CEO Vinculum
Rahul Mittal

We have added modules and features over years. EazeWork has been able to meet our requirements over the past couple of years as they have come up. Excellent service on any issue or training.

- Rahul Mittal - Sr Manager Finance and Admin, Analec
Ramesh Awtaney

EazeWork has been top notch, they managed to develop solutions for our multiple country rollouts in a time and price which is unbelievable.

- Ramesh Awtaney - Founder and Chairman MARA-ISON
Anupam Ganguly

Simple, intuitive and effective. We have been using EazePay since April 2012 and are very happy with it.

- Anupam Ganguly - AGM Finance and Admin - J C Decaux
Naveen Gulati

We wanted something which would help our employees and reduce the administrative overhead. HR and Payroll supports our requirements very well.

- Naveen Gulati - CEO at Open Mind Services
Rajnish Mohan

We were using 5 different systems before migrating to EazeWork systems. Now with EazeHR and EazeSupport we have been able to phase out these legacy systems.

- Rajnish Mohan - Sr. Vice President at EVRY ASA, Chandigarh
Dr Vinod Vasudevan

We have reduced our costs both directly and indirectly and have been able to scale up as the company size has grown without any issues. We have got more than what we were looking for.?

- Dr Vinod Vasudevan - Group CEO Flytxt BV
Vishal Chandane

Our partnership with EazeWork has helped us to provide our customers with a robust and easy to use application portfolio.

- Vishal Chandane - Chief Strategy Officer at AllTimeIT Solutions
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