EazeHR – Comprehensive HR application

Manage Your Most Valuable Resources - Your Employees

Eliminate manual processes and use World class Human Resource software to recruit, manage and develop your workforce

Whatever be your size 50 employees or 5000 employees having an integrated comprehensive HR solution helps you in various ways. EazeWork’s latest offering provides you with the necessary tools and process to ensure that all aspects of your company’s Human resources management are taken care of.

If you are a startup or a small organization you can benefit from our offer and start using EazeHR from today. There are no hidden fees and you don’t even need to provide your credit card details.

EazeHR is designed to meet your business needs now and in future.

EazeHR comes with various modules but you can get the application configured to get only the modules you need.

Advantages of SaaS

SaaS eliminates the need for companies to invest in hardware, implementation of complex applications with expensive implementation consultants and the requirement of a difficult to retain in-house IT team. It allows you to focus on your core business while leaving the task of providing secure, reliable, scalable and world class business applications on companies like EazeWork.

▾ EazeHR Modules

Dashboard ▶

Central view of pending tasks and important information widgets. Get one click control of all HR activities. More..


Get the complete picture of your organization from employee to department to company level. HRMS login allows employees to view all details they need. More..

Recruitment ▶

Manage hiring, reduce your time to hire and never lose sight of good candidates. Recruiter friendly, provides end to end support of hiring process. More..

Calendar, Leaves and Shifts ▶

Multiple locations having different calendars, leaves and shift timings. Bring all together. More..

Attendance & Timesheet ▶

Instant view of employee attendance. Integrate with biometric, smart cards. Book time against project activities. Track costs and billings. More..

Expense Claiming ▶

Paperless claiming, reducing processing time and errors. Track and control against budget. Provide advances against approvals. More..

Assets and Transfers ▶

Manage asset inventory, track allocation and returns. Manage internal transfers of employees across departments, divisions, managers and locations. More..

Learning & Development ▶

Publish training calendar, manage enrolments and get feedback on training. Track employee training effectiveness. More..

On-boarding & Separations ▶

Process on-boarding of new joiners, ensure compliances. Manage resignations, retirements and other modes of separations. More..

Performance Management ▶

Track employee performance, create unique evaluation criteria and provide feedback to the employees on a regular basis. More..

Reports ▶

More than 25 reports available and custom reports can be created. Download to excel or pdf for further analysis. Get custom reports built for your specific requirements. More..

Alerts and Notifications ▶

Employees, HR Managers, Managers get alerts on their email account, application dashboard. More..

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