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Simplify Your Payroll Processing. Bring Processing In-house

Get all your statutory reports for filing with the authorities from EazePay application. Remove the manual work and errors from your monthly payroll run.

EazePay scales up from 5 to 50,000 users allowing grouping of employees, multiple payroll managers, setup salary structure by group, creating new categories and salary heads and managing the reporting needs of a company of any size.

As EazePay is a ePayroll application you don’t have to install any hardware or software and can be used direcly online. It is currently available on in India Payroll version.

EazePay also works as an outsourced application and can be used jointly by a company and the Payroll Service Provider. Through EazePay employees can access their declarations, pay slip, income tax calculations, PF status, Form 16 from one single location.

If you are looking at running payroll for multiple companies in one software – EazePay is your solution. Large corporate who need to process payroll for various different companies now don’t need to maintain multiple installations of Payroll software.

Advantages of SaaS

SaaS eliminates the need for companies to invest in hardware, implementation of complex applications with expensive implementation consultants and the requirement of a difficult to retain in-house IT team. It allows you to focus on your core business while leaving the task of providing secure, reliable, scalable and world class business applications on companies like EazeWork.

▾ EazePay Modules

Automated Payroll Processing ▶

Inputs collected from Leave, Attendance, Expense processes and processed automatically. More..

Employee Self Service ▶

Payslips, Tax calculations, Form 16 can be accessed online or through email. Declarations can be filled up online and submitted. More..

Statutory Compliances ▶

EazePay compliant with Indian laws and you will never need to worry about the accuracy of your calculations again. More..

Supporting Processes ▶

Salary increments can be processed with a past or future date. Full and Final settlement for resigned employees can be processed. More..

Flexibility ▶

Model any salary structure. Use templates to maintain consistency. More..

Reports ▶

Get challans and reports in the desired format. Update submission details in the system. Download reports in pdf or excel. Get custom reports built for your specific requirements. More..

Alerts and Notifications ▶

Get alerted when your salary is processed and slip is available for download. Get alerts for pending tasks like declarations. More..

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