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IT Delivers on its Promise

no fixed costs | no entry or exit barriers | subscription based pricing

Nature of any IT implementation is such that the real challenge starts after project completion. Key challenges which a business faces after implementation are -
  • Creating Reliable Infrastructure
    Keeping the IT infrastructure up and running to ensure that the applications are available to employees and business partners when needed.
  • Synchronization of Application and Processes
    Updating application to account for changes in business either due to external factors (rules and regulations) or due to internal factors (business strategy, process changes).
  • Retaining staff
    Loss of key staff members due to resignations or internal movements leads to gaps and issues. It has been observed that when the champion who had got the application developed leaves the usage of application drops.
Most of these challenges get automatically addressed by migrating to SaaS based environment. From cost point of view the need to make upfront investments in hardware, software license and later spending time and money in software implementation is eliminated.

Internet based Business Applications
There is a way to avoid all these constraints and challenges. Business applications are now available as a service – effectively the subscriber has to only pay for the applications and services being used. There is no upfront investment, no fixed fee, no hidden costs; and the best part is that the applications are configurable. The application can be configured to map with current business needs.

EazeWork’s applications on a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform are designed specifically for Small and Medium sized Enterprises and delivered through the internet.

Designed for SMEs
We understand that your business needs more than an IT application. You need a service provider who can also provide you with support when needed. The constraints of imposed by limited resources, poor connectivity, rapidly changing business environment are all factored in the design of our Business Applications.

After the initial setup the applications work in a seamless manner irrespective of availability of internet access.