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EazeWork’s services are designed to support our clients through their business lifecycle. Based on the requirements, appropriate services can be offered either as stand-alone or blended with our Business Applications. Our services are aimed for two segments:

  1. Companies looking for evaluating and subscribing to IT applications on rental model.
  2. Companies wanting to convert their existing applications into a web based application for their own use.





  1. Evaluation SaaS Assessment, Free Trial, Request a Demo  
  2. Selection Online Payment  
  3. Implementation Data Migration, Training, Quick Start  
  4. Regular Usage Onsite Support, Archival, Enhancement Requests  
  5. Service Expansion SaaS Assessment, Free Trial, Request a Demo  
  6. Exit / Unsubscribe Archival  

SaaS Assessment

Useful for any company who is looking to moving from a non IT or licensed application environment to a SaaS service. The exercise will undertake a critical evaluation of customer’s requirements, understanding the investment in existing infrastructure and mapping of business requirements. At the end of this the customer will have a clear understanding of the Return on Investment on SaaS and Licensed software. A plan outlining the steps needed to be taken for a successful implementation is also provided.

Data Migration

If during the implementation significant volume of data needs to be migrated then the customers can avail of this service. EazeWork would take the responsibility of data migration, pointing out gaps in critical data which needs to be filled up and clean up any data errors. The customer would be responsible for providing data in a soft form, fill up gaps in critical data and providing business inputs.


Online training is provided free of cost to all users through a self learning mode but in case the customers need a more detailed training to be provided at their office, the same can be arranged. Typically one day of training is enough for one module.


Designed to enable companies to start using the EazeWork applications within one week of buying the license. Service would cover the following aspects

  1. Data Migration
  2. Configuration
  3. Training
Under the configuration service our analysts will work with customer’s specific business heads to understand their business requirements and configure the application as per business’s requirements. Configuration would take 1-5 days depending upon the complexity and time availability of business heads.


Although your data is completely safe with us in case you want a copy of your valuable data to be archived and to be either couriered to you or kept with us in a separate archival system we would be glad to assist you. Depending upon your requirements we can provide you with various archival services. The archived data can be kept with us or sent to you as per your instructions.
Basic : Monthly archival of all master and transactional data, storing past 6 months of data
Silver : Weekly archival of all master and transactional data, storing past 6 months of data
Gold : Daily archival of all master and transactional data, storing past 12 months of data

Enhancement Requests

EazeWork applications are designed to meet requirements of businesses, however during the course of usage if the users want some features to be added then there is a provision to request the features. The application enhancement roadmap is managed by the Product Manager who is in constant touch with the users. Prioritization of enhancement requests is done on the basis of customer requirements and all customers will be informed of the schedule.

SaaS Application Development

In case there are in-house developed applications or unique business requirements which are not being met by EazeWork applications. Or if there are other business reasons due to which you either

  1. convert an existing application into web based SaaS application, or
  2. get a new customized SaaS application developed - we can help you.
Our in-house expertise of developing business applications on a SaaS platform and teams of Business Analysts, SaaS Architects, Designer, Developers and Testers can be brought together to work for you.